24 May 2019 
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 Is there a live demo of your control panel?
  Yes. We use the H-Sphere control panel. Use the following link to demo it: http://www.parallels.com/products/hsphere/demo/ NOTE: This demo is geared toward web hosts, so you will only se
 Can I transfer a domain to Sustainable Hosting?
  Absolutely. During the signup process, you will be prompted to register a domain, transfer an existing domain, or to host a domain registered elsewhere.
 How long will it take to get my hosting account setup?
 The normal setup time for hosting accounts is approximately 12-36 hours. Domain transfers may take longer (see Domain Transfers in the FAQ). Once your hosting account is setup and we have verified that your domain registration is complete, we will send yo
 Registering a New Domain
 If you do not own a domain, you may register one with Sustainable Hosting (choose "Register a standard domain" in the signup wizard). You must have a domain for hosting. Domain registration make take 48-72 hours to globally propogate, though your account
 How do I transfer my Domain to Sustainable Hosting?
  In order to transfer a domain registration to Sustainable Hosting, you will first need to obtain an authorization code from your current registrar. An authorization code (also referred to as an auth code or an EPP code) provides an extra level of securi
 How a Website Works
  Many different components are involved in getting a web page up and running. A web browser, server, and host work together to call up a given web site. What a Web Browser Does: A web browser is a computer software program that can
 What is Web Hosting?
  Sustainable Hosting can make a home for your Web site on the Internet. This is called "hosting" a Web site. It is similar to having a street address on the World Wide Web. Once you have an address, your Web site can be viewed by virtually anyo
 Do you offer dial-up Internet access?
  No, Sustainable Hosting maintains servers for hosting for your website, email, etc.; we do not offer actual internet connectivity for your computer(s). If you need a dial up internet account, we recommend using g
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