24 May 2019 
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 What is a domain transfer?
  A domain transfer is when a domain is transferred from one registrar to another. A registrar is a company responsible for management of domain registration. Sustainable Hosting is an official registrar of domain names. To transfer your domain to Su
 Do I have to transfer my domain to Sustainable Hostng in order to use Sustainable Hosting's web hosting services?
 No, you may keep your domain with your existing registrar. You will have to update the domain record (DNS) with your current registrar for it to point to our servers. See your Sustainable Hosting Welcome letter for the proper DNS settings.
 How does a domain transfer work?
  A transfer request is sent by Sustainable Hosting to the registrar that is currently responsible for the domain in question. They will contact the rightful owner and ask for approval of the transfer. The rightful owner must approve the transfer. Once
 I attempted to transfer a domain, but the owner does not want to let it go. What do I do now?
  You will not be able to have your website live or receive mail at your chosen domain. But don't worry; there are plenty of other domains still available. When you sign up for a new account, or add a domain to your existing account, choose "Registe
 What is DNS?
  DNS Stands for Domain Name Service. If you spend any time on the Internet sending e-mail or browsing the Web, then you use DNS without even realizing it. DNS is an incredibly important but completely hidden part of the Internet. The DNS system forms
 The Difference Between Transferring Hosting And Transferring A Domain Name Registration
  Transferring your hosting is not the same as transferring your domain registration, though often these are done at the same time. Transferring your hosting to us simply means that our servers will be hosting your domain, and the nameservers
 How do I transfer my Domain to Sustainable Hosting?
  In order to transfer a domain registration to Sustainable Hosting, you will first need to obtain an authorization code from your current registrar. An authorization code (also referred to as an auth code or an EPP code) provides an extra level of securi
 How do I know if my Domain has been Transfered?
  You can do what is called an NSLOOKUP. You can do this simply from your command prompt. Enter: nslookup yourdomain.com If the IP matches your IP for Sustainable Hosting (see your welcome letter) then the DNS propogation has begun. This will
 What is an IP address?
  To keep track of all of the machines on the Internet, each machine is assigned a unique address called an IP address. IP stands for Internet protocol, and these addresses are 32-bit numbers normally expressed as four "octets" in a "dotted
 How a Website Works
  Many different components are involved in getting a web page up and running. A web browser, server, and host work together to call up a given web site. What a Web Browser Does: A web browser is a computer software program that can
 How can I expedite a domain transfer?
  Once your domain transfer has been initiated there isn't much Sustainable Hosting can do much to expedite the process. It is now dependent on your current registrar and you, and the general time delay typical of this process. What yo
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